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Who else will your divorce affect?

Posted by Joanne P. Monagan, Esq. | Mar 21, 2022 | 0 Comments

You and your spouse are the ones divorcing, so you will suffer most of the fallout if your divorce turns into a torrid affair. Yet, it is not only you. Any divorce will affect other people to lesser or greater degrees.

The obvious ones are your children, and it might even affect them more than you. They are the only people besides yourselves that the law will consider. However, it is worth giving some thought to the others around you.

Your extended family

If you have a good relationship with each other's families, try to preserve it. The more litigious and polarized your divorce becomes, the more you force them to take sides. If you have kids, these people still have a crucial role to play in your children's lives. Even if there is no love lost between you and the in-laws, they can help reduce childcare costs.

Those you socialized with together

Joint friends may struggle when you divorce. Try to keep certain subjects off the table. No one wants to hear one friend disparaging another friend.

The colleagues and acquaintances you share

If you work together, consider if you can still do so. If not, think about who is best placed to change jobs. The workplace atmosphere won't be much fun for others if the two of you spend the day throwing daggers at each other or being obstructive.

Places like your kid's school are another thing to think about. Teachers would prefer to have open conversations with both of you. Or to know that a message they give to one of you will make it through to the other.

Getting accurate legal advice will be crucial to understand how to divorce with the minimum of disruption to yourselves and others.

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