New York Child Support Guidance

Child support, like other financial matters in divorce, directly impacts your financial future and that of your children. Child support is calculated by statutory guidelines in New York. With an attorney's advice, you can be confident that all factors relative to your circumstances have been applied to the law. The assistance of an experienced attorney is critical for the best possible outcome in child support cases.

At O'Brien Monagan Law Firm P.C. we handle child support, divorce, and family law matters throughout the Capital Region of New York. We have a proven track record in all aspects of family law, are firmly established within the legal community, and we are committed to achieving positive results for each and every client.

Child Support, Enforcement And Modifications

Child support payments are initially calculated with guidelines that take into account a parent's income, the number of children, and many other factors. The parenting time schedule and physical custody must also be taken into consideration. At our firm, we handle all types of issues involving child support, such as:

We take time to explain all aspects of child support, from determining the child support terms to handling the enforcement of a support order. If changes need to be made to an existing agreement, we can help guide you through that process.

If You Lose Your Job and Cannot Pay Child Support

Child support obligations cannot be changed without a court order, even if you suffer a loss of employment through no fault of your own. The COVID 19 epidemic has resulted in catastrophic employment dislocations for thousands of New Yorkers who nevertheless must continue to satisfy child support agreements, until relieved by the court.

Appeals to modify support payments can be made by a person who has lost his/her job without fault if 1. a “substantial change in circumstances” can be demonstrated or 2. if there is a change in gross income of 15% or more since the date of the support order, provided that the reduction of income was involuntary and the parent has made diligent attempts to secure employment commensurate with his/her education, ability, and experience.

Support modification petitions require formal financial disclosures with extensive documentation. Modification petitions can be filed in Family Court, or in Supreme Court under certain circumstances. Our experienced attorneys can guide you through the complex process if you are faced with the necessity to request a support modification court order.

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