Family Law FAQs

Joanne P. Monagan, Esq. Managing Attorney

If you are going through divorce or some other family law matter, you may be getting a lot of advice from family and friends about what to do. While these people mean well, their needs and experience with New York's family law may have been completely different from yours. Only an experienced family law attorney can tell you how the law applies to your particular situation.   While everyone's family circumstances are unique, there are common concerns that apply to virtually everyone involved in divorce proceedings. Please select which subject are you have questions in and you will be directed to their most frequently asked questions.  As your attorney, I will of course be available to discuss all of your concerns in depth and work with you to find solutions that are best for you and your family. This reference is intended to provide concise answers to help you navigate complex and difficult divorce and family law circumstances, processes, and procedures.


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