Changing Child Custody After Divorce

Life's circumstances continuously change, and in some instances it is necessary to modify a  custody agreement. The change may be necessary for many reasons, including parental relocation requirements, health circumstances, among others. At O'Brien Monagan Law Firm P.C., we provide straightforward advice and representation for legal issues involving custody modifications.  Our attorneys have decades of experience in divorce and family law, and a proven track record resolving child custody cases under the most difficult circumstances. We are results-oriented, always focused on advocating for our clients and reaching effective legal solutions. Regardless of the unique circumstances of your situation, O'Brien Monagan Law Firm P.C. is ready to provide strong and effective representation to you and your family.

What You Need to Know About Custody Modifications

Changing a custody agreement can be relatively simple if both parties agree to the change, or it may be extremely complex when contested. You need to know that a verbal agreement may not be upheld in court if it is contested. Legal representation is therefore important in all matters related to custody and we are ready and able to represent you and your children's best interests in the most difficult custody negotiations.

On Child Custody Matters

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