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How to approach your partner about a prenuptial agreement

Posted by Joanne P. Monagan, Esq. | Nov 28, 2021 | 0 Comments

Getting married is one of the most exciting moments of a relationship. For this reason, a lot of time, money, and emotional effort is invested in planning the wedding day.

Nevertheless, the harsh reality is that many marriages do not go the distance, and couples often fail to plan for this possibility. As a result, it is important for both spouses to protect their interests as early as possible. A prenuptial agreement is just one way to do this.

Frequently, prenuptial agreements are viewed in a negative light. However, many couples benefit from the security and open communication that such legal instruments bring. Thus, it is important to consider different ways that you may approach your partner about a prenuptial agreement

Get your timing right 

Generally, it may benefit you to approach the topic as early in the relationship as is practicable. If you leave the conversation until the very last minute, near the wedding date, it is likely to be an unwelcome surprise for your partner. Open and honest communication early on means that you can include a prenuptial agreement as part of the transition into becoming married. 

Also, due to the importance of the subject matter, you should make sure that your partner is in the right headspace to hold such a conversation. It is only natural that couples fall out on occasion. The aftermath of a disagreement is probably not the best time to raise the subject. 

Emphasize the mutual benefits 

Involve your partner when drafting the agreement to help reassure them it serves them as well as you. If your marriage does not work out, your prenuptial will play a crucial role when dividing assets. Failing to take the time to get it right at the start could cost you if you divorce.

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