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Common mistakes that can ruin your child custody case

Posted by Joanne P. Monagan, Esq. | Nov 11, 2021 | 0 Comments

One of the fiercest battles during the divorce process is usually the fight over child custody. It is not unusual for parents to go to extreme lengths to ensure they do not lose the custody battle. And in doing so, parents often make costly mistakes that can potentially ruin their chances of securing custody of their little ones.

When it comes to custody matters, every parent wants the most time with their kids. Here are costly mistakes that can send your custody case up in smoke.

Airing dirty linen online

This used not to be a thing back then, but now it is. When it comes to matters of law, those social media posts, emails and text messages are all valid documents that the judge will evaluate. While it may seem harmless to throw up those unflattering photos of your ex on social media, airing dirty linen online is a perfect way to lose custody of your children.

During and after the divorce process, do not post anything online that you would not want the judge to come across. Do not mock your ex, threaten them or make remarks that disparage them. Trolling them in the comments of their own social media posts is also a no-no.

Trashing existing custody or visitation orders

Because it is common for the divorce process to be protracted, it is not unusual for the court to issue a temporary order until the final custody decree is made. This means one parent will get custody while the other gets visitation rights. Whether you have temporary custody or visitation rights, disobeying this order can strip you of your child's custody. There is no better way to shoot yourself in the foot than by doing things the judge has expressly ordered you not to do.

If you are heading to court for a child custody hearing, it is important that you do everything necessary to get the outcome you desire. This is one of the most important legal matters that you will have to deal with during divorce. The importance of avoiding common pitfalls that can ruin your custody case is vital.

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