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Could divorce actually make you happier?

Posted by Joanne P. Monagan, Esq. | May 17, 2021 | 0 Comments

If you bought into the idea that marriage would give you a “happily ever-after” ending to your life, the idea that you're approaching a divorce can, quite naturally, fill you with dread.

Take heart, however. While divorce was once seen as a dismal personal failing and something that could only lead to unhappiness, the truth is very different. In fact, your life might just get better once you're on your own.

What makes life better after divorce?

It's rare for a divorce to come out of nowhere, so you probably have felt the strain in your marriage and in your life for a while. Once you get through the difficult days ahead, however, this is what you may find:

  • You have more autonomy: When you're married, everything you do is tempered by your spouse's desires. Once you're divorced, you can live entirely for yourself. You can take that trip you've always wanted to take, start a new hobby or write a book without worrying that you're excluding your spouse in some way.
  • You have more peace: Whether your marriage was a constant battle or you and your spouse were engaged in a cold war filled with passive-aggressive comments and derision, that's no way to live. Just being away from that kind of stress can improve your mental and physical health.
  • You have more financial control: Once you're on your own, you can do what you like with your money — and there's no one to criticize your choices. There's also no one around to spend money on things that you feel like are a waste. You can be as thrifty or as extravagant with your finances as you please.
  • You can reconnect with old friends: A lot of people put their relationships with others on the back burner when they get married — and that can lead to feelings of isolation. When your marriage is over, you can pick up old relationships and even make new ones.

What's the takeaway from this? Well, ultimately, you need to embrace the changes that are coming and realize that life is a journey — not a destination. Your divorce may not be easy, but it could be the stepping stone to a much better future, so don't be afraid to embrace it. A divorce attorney can help you learn more.

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