Client Reviews

Thank you for everything Joanne

5.0 Stars, March 2020


I've had the unfortunate life battles that go with a broken family. However, I had the fortune of meeting and hiring Joanne to represent my matters over almost a decade. It has been a relief to have her attend on my behalf and use her wisdom and experience to guide me through the decision making process on my child-support case for two daughters. I wish I had met her 10 years sooner. After almost 20 years of paying child support, I have a few months remaining and I am super appreciative of what she has done to contain the situation and keep the peace without having it be too costly for me on a monthly basis. Also her bill amounts are reasonable and I do believe that she charge is a fair price for the time and energy that she is putting into the case.

For any of you, I pray to God you don't choose the wrong attorney. It will be the 2nd most costly decision of your life. The first most costly decision is unfortunately who you wind up having kids with.

Thank you for everything Joanne and you know that your help has been immeasurable for me and thank you for also having the human side that most lack.

– David G